Linking science and the humanities through course clusters

Want to gain a broader understanding of biology, increase your chance at getting into med school or become a better vet? There’s a humanities class for that, thanks to the new Constellations program.

Constellations are clusters of courses grounded in the humanities. Modeled after the popular First-Year Interest Groups, the program allows students to take three classes — one core humanities course and two linked classes — concurrently and draw connections across disciplines.

“The concept revolves around pressing contemporary interdisciplinary questions that benefit greatly from humanistic inquiry,” says program coordinator Meridith Beck Mink.

Constellations are open to all UW-Madison students, but they’re intended to appeal to STEM, pre-med and pre-vet students in particular. Not only do they help fulfill general education and degree requirements for science majors, but they also complement their typical course load and provide a more holistic understanding of complex topics they’ll face in their careers.

By blurring boundaries between disciplines, students will be able to find interesting connections, and dig deeper into topics.

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