Undergraduate research fellowships – spring application deadlines

One of the things we value most about UW-Madison is our success in supporting and involving undergraduates in collaborative research. This is an important high-impact educational practice that can enrich the Wisconsin Experience for undergraduates. The Provost’s Office is especially pleased to announce that scholarships and fellowships are available to encourage and support that work. Note that in some cases the faculty/staff mentor may also receive funds to support the collaborative research effort.

Applications details are available via the websites listed below. Questions may be directed to Julie Stubbs, Director of the Undergraduate Academic Awards Office (Ingraham Hall, Room 6, 265-2428, awards@provost.wisc.edu).

Sophomore Research Fellowships

Sophomore Research Fellowships support undergraduate research done in collaboration with UW–Madison faculty or research/instructional academic staff. The student researcher receives $2,500, and the faculty/staff research advisor receives $500 to help offset research costs. At the time of application, the student must be a sophomore, a freshman who will have more than 24 credits after May 2019, or a transfer student in their first year of attendance at UW-Madison. The application deadline is March 1, 2019.

Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships and Holstrom Environmental Scholarships

The Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships and the Holstrom Environmental Scholarships provide support for collaborative research between undergraduate students and faculty or research/instructional academic staff members. The student researcher receives $3,000, and the faculty/staff receives $1,000 to help offset research costs. Students must have at least junior standing at the time of application. The McPherson Eye Research Institute will continue to sponsor one additional Hilldale Fellowship for vision based research (including bioengineering, imaging, data visualization, ophthalmology and general biology of the eye). The application deadline for both opportunities is February 11, 2019.

Wisconsin Idea Undergraduate Fellowships

Wisconsin Idea Undergraduate Fellowships are awarded to undergraduate students to develop and implement community based research or service-learning projects that will meet a community identified need (local, national or international) under the supervision of a UW-Madison faculty or instructional academic staff member. Fellowships provide three  academic credits, a program implementation budget of up to $5,000 to an individual student and up to $7,000 for a group of up to five students. If desired, students can designated a portion of their funds as a scholarship, to be administered through the Bursar’s Office. The application deadline for 2019-20 fellowships is February 8, 2019.

University Book Store Academic Excellence Awards

University Book Store Academic Excellence Awards provide $1,000 to undergraduate students who have distinguished themselves by completing outstanding projects, such as a senior thesis, at UW-Madison. Students must be enrolled in a degree program during the 2018-19 academic year (December 2018 graduates may apply). Applications are due March 18, 2019.