Undergraduate Research Scholars Program invites research mentors

The Undergraduate Research Scholars program (URS) is currently accepting project listings from faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, research scientists and dissertators who would like to involve a first-year student or sophomore as a research or creative work assistant during the 2017-18 academic year. The majority of Undergraduate Research Scholars are members of historically under-represented groups: students of color, women in science and engineering, and/or first-generation college students. They earn course credit for participating in a year-long course (two semesters) of study that includes a seminar on issues in research and hands-on experience with a mentor’s research project or creative endeavor. The URS program promotes undergraduate research and intellectually creative engagement in all academic disciplines.


For researchers, the benefits of working with a URS Scholar include the satisfaction of fostering the development of the independent inquiry skills with a bright and eager student, acquiring valuable research assistance, supporting an undergraduate’s exploration of academic and career interests, and connecting directly with the experiences of undergraduates on campus. Many URS students stay with their original mentors throughout their undergraduate careers. Our URS students have established an impressive record of conference presentations and academic publications that support their post-graduation endeavors.

How to Become a URS Research Mentor

Complete the online form at urs.ls.wisc.edu (click on “Submit a research opportunity”) and your project will be listed in our 2017-18 offerings. Interested students will contact you through email early in the fall semester 2017 (starting at the end of August.) After you interview prospective students, you may elect to have one or more work with you for the academic year. URS Scholars register for INTER L&S 250 and earn 2-3 credits per semester. At the end of each semester, we will ask you to grade the student’s work on their project; then we will assign the student a final grade reflecting your grade and his or her work in the URS research seminar.
If you have questions about becoming a URS research mentor, please contact Amy Sloane at alsloane@wisc.edu or 265-9726. More information is available on our website: urs.ls.wisc.edu.