Stories From UW-Madison Honors Students

Portrait of Devin Hanson, honors student in sociology and french at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Devin Hanson

Sociology | French

One major advantage of being in the L&S Honors Program was access to grants and scholarship opportunities for research, and study-abroad experience. I received a research grant for my senior thesis and also studied abroad for a year in Aix-en-Provence, France, during my junior year. The Chancellor’s Scholarship Program made studying abroad possible through their tuition scholarship and the encouragement to pursue a rich and diverse educational experience. The best part of the Chancellor’s Scholarship Program has been being in close community with other minority students. Diversity is such an important element to the spreading of ideas, and the overall learning experience. Knowing people of different cultures and ethnicities is an invaluable part of education.

Isaiah Stock, honors student in economics and political science at Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison

Isaiah Stock

Economics | Political Science

This summer, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to intern in New York with Morgan Stanley in equity sales and trading. I strongly believe my involvement in the L&S Honors Program was an influential factor in landing this internship, as it shows an added level of determination and intellectual curiosity. Beyond that, my experience working in smaller groups on rigorous coursework in the honors program helped me be successful in the fast-paced and challenging work environment of an investment bank’s trading floor. As I take more honors courses this year, I’m certain that I’ll be even more prepared working in Morgan Stanley’s capital markets division next summer.

Portrait of Bronte Mansfield, honors student in art history and english at University of Wisconsin-Madison

BrontË Mansfield

Art History | English

Because of the L&S Honors Program I was able to win a Wellton summer sophomore honors apprenticeship; I was a research assistant for a professor in the English department. I spent a summer researching advertisements in the serialized versions of Dickens novels. That experience was a primer for the Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship, which I applied for and won. I spent the past summer in London and New York working on my thesis, which is about Victorian depictions of mermaids and their relationship to Darwinian theories of evolution. I did my primary sources at libraries in Oxford and London at the British Museum. All of these things contributed to winning the Beinecke Scholarship.

Portrait of Daniel Liebzeit, School of Nursing honors student at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Daniel Liebzeit


Experience in research became the highlight of nursing school. I gained much more than I ever thought, including mentorship and research experience. Coming in, I thought I would complete the B.S. and work as a traditional nurse in an inpatient unit. The Nursing Honors Program transformed my career goals. I thought I would eventually pursue a Ph.D., but not right away. As my time with my mentor continued, I realized my interests aligned with hers and other faculty. Their drive and excitement about research passed on to myself. I came up with my own research question, and discovered that UW–Madison was the best place to pursue research.