Committees and Councils

The vice provost for teaching and learning convenes and partners with a number of campus-wide committees and councils to enhance teaching and learning, enrich educational innovation, and provide leadership on academic and curricular policies, guidelines and practices.

School, College Instructional Leaders (SCIL)

SCIL brings together leaders responsible for supporting instruction from each school and college. The group meets monthly to discuss immediate and long-term opportunities and challenges related to supporting instruction, advancing the student learning experience and promoting equitable student outcomes.

Academic Advising and Policy Leaders (AAPL)

AAPL serves as a community and, when appropriate, a recommendation/decision-making body for academic student affairs issues. AAPL members have oversight of academic advising, career services, learning support and academic dean functions in the schools and colleges. AAPL also includes key representation from Cross College Advising Service, the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement (DDEEA) and the Center for First Year Experience (CFYE).

Coordinating the Academic Student Experience (CASE)

CASE brings together leadership and staff from multiple academic affairs units across campus to help solve complex, time-sensitive and long-term challenges related to the academic student experience. The group coordinates, leads and implements efforts that are central to improving the academic student experience. The group was initially brought together during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

University Council on Academic Affairs and Assessment (UCAAA)

The UCAAA is primarily composed of the academic associate deans who are responsible for academic affairs and related policies in each school and college. Other members include major unit directors or academic affairs liaisons representing cross-campus organizations or programs. The primary aim of the UCAAA is to support, enhance and coordinate academic and co-curricular programs and educational achievement across campus, focusing on student learning, assessment, effective teaching and improving the educational experience of all students.

Instructor Advisory Group

The Instructor Advisory Group is comprised of faculty and instructional academic staff from each school and college. Convened by the vice provost for teaching and learning, the group shares insights and feedback to help shape teaching and learning priorities, practices and projects at UW–Madison.

University Honors Committee

The University Honors Committee is comprised of representatives from honors and scholars programs across campus. The mission of the committee is to provide leadership in strengthening the undergraduate experience for students in honors and related programs. Learn more about Wisconsin Honors.