Congratulations 2021 UW-Madison Honors Graduates

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Winter 2021 Graduates

Rita Bliesner


Biocore was truly an unforgettable experience that helped shape my undergraduate career. Being able to explore my own scientific ideas in lab allowed me to not only learn better, but also to love science so much more. I’ll never forget the countless late nights spent in Noland!

Melanie DePamphilis

Biology | German

My favorite memory in Biocore is taking naps on the couches in the hallway of the Biocore floor in Noland

Jack Kapler

Neurobiology | Environmental Studies

After four semesters of lectures, two semesters of laboratories, and a summer working in the Biocore Prairie, Biocore allowed me to have an experience learning about the biological sciences that could not have possibly been offered anywhere else. By engaging in the various subjects discussed in lectures, developing numerous research projects to work on with a team, and collaborating with the fellow Biocore students, this program has strengthened my interest in science and helped me to understand what it really means to be a scientist.

Spring 2021 Graduates

Abdel Rahman Daoud

Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering | Computer Science

The Biocore experience is a renaissance of the educational process. It does not merely plant knowledge, it seeds its embryo and nourishes it through all of its stages of development. It does not simply allow you to absorb the varying acts of the play of life, it takes you backstage to truly grasp and understand all the unseen and seen stage elements underplay. Biocore is the educational incarnation of “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”. To say I am thankful to Biocore would be an understatement. I am indebted for the opportunity and tools given to me to develop my world view, understanding and zeal for knowledge in a manner that is both sustainable and knowledge-centered as all science ought to be.

Alexander McMiller

Biochemistry, Math

I will always remember 587 and working with Jonathan, Aaron, and Ashley and all the fun we had.

Alexis Johnson

Molecular Biology | Health and Humanities

Biocore has been a very impactful program on my undergraduate career. From the challenging coursework, amazing community, and all of the leadership opportunities, I can say that I became a much better student, scientist, and person because of it.

Amanda Rajaram


BioCore definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow both as a student and a person. What’s better than science? Being in a room full of people who are equally thrilled about it as you are. Forming a sense of community with the amazing peers and staff was a highlight of my college experience. I will miss making kimchi with the gang and the late night lab visits.

Cameron Rivera

Neurobiology | Business

On my first day of college, I got lost finding the Biocore prairie. As I was about to give up, I saw our class starting to walk into the woods – “Are you Cameron? Come with us, you haven’t missed anything!” What a fantastic foot to start undergraduate studies. Just a semester later, I still recall turning off the lights and, for the first time, seeing GFP glow in our c.elegans during the signal transduction lab in 384!

Cassandra Kaplon

Biology, Environmental Studies

It was a pleasure learning alongside some of my best friends that I made in college! The challenge was worth it and learning from such intelligent and compassionate instructors helped make a large university feel like home.

Catherine Schiesl


I will never forget spending my 20th birthday in Biocore lab. That was my favorite day of lab to date. I could not tell you exactly what we did, but I just remember recognizing how I had not only learned lifelong skills in this program but truly made lifelong connections and felt a part of a lifelong community.

Eli Tsarovsky

Biochemistry | Global Health, Public Policy

I loved the Prairie and meeting new people!

Emma Boehm

Molecular Biology | Gender and Women’s Studies

I was a member of Prairie Crew in the summer of 2019. It was an amazing experience and am more invested in native landscapes now than I ever was. My experience in the prairie has inspired me to try to incorporate landscapes and habitats into my virology research.

Evan Seguin


Isabella Marsden


Biocore was one of my quintessential experiences at UW-Madison. It was a lot of work, but all of it was worth it and made me a better scientist. The independence that we were given to preform experiments in an undergraduate teaching lab helped direct my independent research. I will always treasure my late nights in Noland and long walks in the prairie!

Jordyn Schultz

Biology | Global Health

I am most grateful for the friends I met along the way in Biocore! The most wonderful professors and supportive classmates made Biocore one of the best parts of my undergraduate experience!

Julia Pulokas

Microbiology | Global Health

I love the Biocore community and being able to feel connected with everyone. This allowed for a greater success in class and it provided an environment that was conducive to an excellent learning experience.

Karis Wong

Genetics & Genomics

Biocore was one of the most challenging parts of my undergraduate career, but because of this it was also the most rewarding. It has changed the way I approach problems in many aspects of my life and I wouldn’t trade my Biocore experiences for anything.

Kevin Nguyen

Biology | Mathematics

I do not believe my undergraduate experience at UW-Madison would be complete without Biocore.

Lauren Krahl

Neurobiology, Spanish

I have thoroughly appreciated my growth as a scientist and as a person in the Biocore program. I most enjoyed the 486 Physiology lab my junior year where my team and I became so close and ran many successful, self-directed experiments. I have also really enjoyed my time as a Peer Advisor Co-Chair, guiding prospective and new Biocore students to our program!

Lee Hermann

Biomedical Engineering | Biology in Engineering

My favorite memory of Biocore was working in a team in the Biocore Prairie on an experiment we designed. It was a fun experience with friends, as well as an educational opportunity to apply everything we learned in the Biocore program. Biocore overall encouraged me to focus on understanding the topics we studied, and apply them to new problems rather than the traditional approach of memorization.

Maggie Yujie Guo

Biology, Math, Computer Sciences | German

I love the friends and instructors I got to know in Biocore, without whom I wouldn’t have gone this far. Biocore isn’t just a study program; it’s a lively community with supportive learning environment and real biological sciences that prepares us for the future. I have found my passion for research and teaching here. So proud to be a Biocorian!

Mason Hill

Neurobiology, Psychology | Global Health

Biocore has been a indelible experience with awesome instructors and peers that truly care about one another. I am very thankful to have participated in Biocore and all of the amazing friendships I have made because of it!

Matthew Rodriguez

Microbiology, CALS, Clarinet Performance

I will never forget chewing on the “wild chewing gum” from the compass plant in the Biocore Prairie. Biocore has taught me the rigor and mysteries of science, but it has also shown me its beauty.

Milan Markovic

Neurobiology, Psychology

While countless hours were spent studying for Biocore, I did it all with some amazing people around me. I made many friends through the program and learned how to be a part of a team working towards the same goal. Looking back on it, the first days of Biocore we spent in the prairie are some of my most significant memories. Biocore and college life can be pretty hectic, but the calmness of the prairie is always a welcome memory.

Nikita Menon

Molecular Biology, Psychology

Biocore was by far the most challenging and rewarding experience of my undergraduate years. Not only was the curriculum well developed, but the people involved in the program, staff and students alike, were incredibly motivating and supportive throughout. I’ve learned so much and continue to apply the knowledge from the courses every day. I’ve met some of my close friends through it and I couldn’t be more grateful Biocore was a big part of my time at UW-Madison.

Noah Tsarovsky

Biochemistry | Global Health

My favorite memory from Biocore was exploring the prairie looking for leopard frogs.

Rupa Priyadharsini Umamaheswaran

Biochemistry | Global Health, Leadership

More than the previous academic experiences, Biocore has had a huge impact in shaping and teaching me the importance of “how to think”. The lab experiences and the lecture sequences helped me to realize my learning potential and provided ample opportunities for developing my perseverance. Biocore has also enabled me to cultivate meaningful connections with the learning community and helped me to find some of my best friends. Although the workload was challenging, I was able to find the lighthearted moments through these meaningful connections I made. The journey was intense, but it was worth it!

Shanna Wiegand

Biology, Political Science | Global Health

Biocore was truly the most enjoyable and rewarding part of my experience at UW! The challenging courses and incredible professors allowed me to grow considerably as a learner.

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

School of Nursing

Spring 2021 Graduates

Bryce Trimberger


Joining the UW Madison Nursing Honors Program has been one of the most fulfilling and meaningful aspects of my time here on campus. This program has allowed me to not only form close relationships with my Honors peers, but also with the esteemed and phenomenal staff at the UW Madison School of Nursing. My Honors research with Dr. Madelyne Greene on the healthcare experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals here in Madison has blessed me with the opportunity to not only demonstrate the exemplary nursing care we have learned about during our coursework, but also to serve as a leader and a scholar in advancing the future of nursing.


Susan Maloney


The honors program in nursing at UW-Madison gave me the extraordinary opportunity to engage with the area of healthcare that, on day, I hope to contribute to as a professional and researcher. Helping to conduct high-level research on the health decisions and outcomes of sexual minority women under Dr. Madeline Greene has not only been informative and interesting, but has provided me with phenomenal mentors in the field and helped to steer the direction of my nursing career.


Annika Wellman


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever see myself where I am today. I am so grateful for the experience I had in the honors program. I worked with Dr. Eileen Kintner on the SHARP program. I assisted with translation of program materials, more specifically, the teacher’s guide. I worked to translate the teacher’s guide into Spanish so that it may be implemented in Spanish speaking countries. I used graphic designing skills to format the teacher’s guide in a way that would promote successful teaching and learning. The skills and knowledge I gained from the Honors program are invaluable and I will carry them with me on my next path. I would like to thank Dr. Eileen Kintner, my pediatric RIG members, Anne Ersig and Lisa Bratzke.


Sara Thao


I am incredibly thankful for my Honors experience with the School of Nursing. Prior to Nursing School, I had little to no experience with research. As a first-generation student, the honors program has allowed me to explore future paths for a graduate degree. Most importantly, the honors program at UW-Madison has allowed me to excel as a student and publish my first manuscript as a second author in the Western Journal of Nursing Research. I am beyond thankful for my mentor, Maichou Lor, and my honors instructors, Lisa Bratzke and Anne Ersig, for such an amazing and challenging honors experience that has allowed me to grow as a student, individual, and future nurse!


Mariah Larson


I am incredibly grateful for my honors experience in the School of Nursing! Working with Dr. Kristen Pecanac and her team gave me a glimpse into the importance of nursing research and the many ways it can benefit our healthcare system. I’m excited to carry the things I’ve learned in the last four years forward as I dive into my career and find my passion as a Badger nurse!